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The Indian consumer market has grown exponentially in the last few years. A focus on aspirational products, rapid urban development and evolving lifestyle trends; have helped the industry to grow rapidly.

Catering to this huge segment, JSW Steel is reaching every home across India by supplying steel to major white goods and appliance manufacturers. Our various project teams work in close proximity with the customers to understand their requirements and ensure consistent high quality products along with technical and logistical support.

Our extensive coated product portfolio that ranges galvanized steel to customized colour-coated products are all aimed at ensuring world-class quality for every application. JSW Steel’s products add to the strength and reliability of household goods and provide excellent corrosion resistance. The galvanised and colour-coated lines add an aesthetic edge while conforming to the close dimensional tolerances and formability norms.

JSW Steel’s, galvanized and colour coated products are used in a range of applications that include domestic appliances. By utilizing our technical knowhow, meeting every requirement while adhering to benchmarked standards of process efficiency and quality.

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