TMT Bars

Toughened High Strength

JSW Steel TMT, branded as JSW Neosteel are manufactured through primary production process to ensure purity and superior quality. The state of art and technical advanced bar rod mills for production are supplied from Danieli, Italy and Morgan, USA. JSW NEOSTEEL is toughened high strength HYQST (High Yield Quenched + and Self Tempered) TMT Bar.


Highest Level of Purity

Highest Level of Purity

Manufactured from iron ore, our TMT bars have the highest grade of purity and lowest sulphur and phosphorous content, making it strong.

Consistent Quality Across the Bar

Consistent Quality Across the Bar

Our HYQST technology ensures a uniform quality across the bar. The proof is a perfect ring that can be seen across any cross-section of the bar.

Best Bonding with Cement

Best Bonding with Cement

Well-defined ribs that exceed the standard AR value specifications, ensuring better bonding with cement.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

JSW Neosteel End Consumer Pricing, ensures transparency and uniformity in pricing across the state.

Product Range

Nominal Size : 8 mm to 20 mm diameter

JSW Neosteel 500 D

Premium High strength TMT re-bars with the best UTS/YS ratio resulting in highly ductile performance of the bars. This allows for highest percentage elongation of bars under service loads thereby making them suitable for construction in areas prone to high seismic activity

JSW Neosteel 550 D

Super premium high strength and high ductility TMT re-bars typically used in construction of ordinary residential & commercial projects, infrastructure projects and in earthquake prone areas due to a high value of percentage elongation

JSW Neosteel 600

Ultra premium & ultra high strength TMT re-bars. Typically used in construction of high rise structures, structures subjected to high service loads, heavy duty infrastructure projects and in cases where the maximum area of reinforcement steel is to be reduced

JSW NeosteelCRS

High strength corrosion resistant TMT re-bars. Typically used in construction in coastal areas, areas with high salinity in the air, industrial areas, construction of marine structures and in areas with high acid content in the air.

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